Kleps: elegant Clothes and Accessories for Dogs

Kleps.com: elegant clothes and accessories for dogs, Blanche and Cyril

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One month ago, my boyfriend and I had the idea to adopt a cute little dog. Unfortunately, we realized that we did not have the budget to provide to the dog the happiness he deserves. However, while I was looking for accessories for my potential dog, I realized that it was hard to find qualitative and beautiful items. Until I land on Kleps.com.

Kleps provides outstanding, high-quality, healthy and elegant accessories, clothes, food and cosmetics for dogs. This one-year-old start-up is offering awarded design products (among others) for the best comfort of your puppy. I decided to interview the genius behind this idea. And of course, it was a woman.

The Path

Before she took her courage to create her very-first business, Blanche started from the bottom and discovered all the hierarchies of the Retail business. First, she started as a seller in a furniture and decoration store. Then, she became store manager for a lingerie brand and involved in the headquarter as a stock manager. After a year traveling abroad, she came back in the lingerie industry at Eres, in the export side. And finally, she worked in the e-commerce business, still in Fashion, for a kid e-shop. 

After many years working in the retail industry, Blanche knew that she wanted to create something on her own. The skills she acquired were extremely helpful to start her own business. However, the idea was not exactly here yet… One day, her partner in life and herself felt in love with a lovely Shiba Inu: Matcha. Matcha revolutionized their lives! In fact, the idea of creating a business only about dog accessories came when they realized that nothing on the dog market was elegant enough for their gem.

Our two lovers decided to create their first business together. It was not the first one for Cyril though! With his fifteen years company, he added to their common project a rich entrepreneurial experience.

The creation

Time after time, Blanche was discovering adorable brands from all over the world and specialized in dog’s accessories. Behind these labels, she found original creators with small production capacities. She decided to contact them immediately. Blanche wanted to know if a possible collaboration could happen with these rare creators.
Her project just inspired them. Since they have never been distributed in France before, they were pleased to spread their creations in this country. Especially in Paris.

“We have this advantage that the French target is very attractive from abroad.”– This feedback confirmed that no one ever thought of selling high-quality, outstanding and elegant dog’s products before in France. Blanche and Cyril did not wait any longer: in less than one year, the website was online and the stock was ready.

Blanche and Cyril opened one year ago, in November 2017. The first days were a success, Kleps.com received several orders surprisingly fast: the demand was definitely here!

Despite the fact that Kleps is an excellent response to the lack of quality and esthetic products in the dog market, the brand also answers to a new consumption trend: cruelty-free, organic and eco-responsible. People aspire to consume better, to invest a little bit more in their purchase in order to keep their product longer. Plus, people want to pamper their dog with healthy products so their puppies stay happier and longer in the family. 

The concept

What about the content then? Well, Kleps covers the whole “consumer journey” of a dog (eat, play, sleep, repeat!). For instance, in the “Sleeping” category, you can find very elegant baskets such as the ones from the German brand Cloud7, which won the Excellence Awards 2013 Best Pet in the bed category. This is the kind of basket you absolutely want to highlight in your home, not something you want to hide in the cellar. These items are pretty representative of what Blanche and Cyril want to offer in their e-shop.


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In the “Pampering” category, you will find the organic and natural soaps from the brand Bondi Wash made in Australia. In the same category, there is also the Canadian Loyal Canine Company. A beautiful masculine and dandy brand which offers vegan products made with ingredients from a controlled and organic culture. Anyway, I don’t want to reveal everything, feel free to check the website by clicking on the following link: www.kleps.com. You will also notice that Kleps developed their own collection in the “Going out”, “Playing”, “Travelling”‘ and “Pampering” categories. 

Quality and aesthetics are the main criteria when Blanche is choosing the producers. “I am looking for the best product quality for my website, but I put a lot of attention in the packaging as well.” – In fact, Blanche is looking for the best harmony on the website. It needs to convey to their storytelling, their values, their brands. However, mostly, when you find a very good supplier, who is paying attention to the details, they also take care of their packaging to enhance their work. 

Understand your target

“When we started, we thought that our target would be the “Parisian Bobos.” “– However, the more Blanche and Cyril analyzed the data, the more they noticed that, despite Paris, the e-shop was also successful in the South and some isolated part of France.

“We realized that we have three kinds of customers.” – First, people with a comfortable money situation. They want to buy the best for their dog. Particularly elegant items that fit with the style of their home. Then, people who are very attentive to very good quality cosmetics and food. They are sensitive to natural, organic and ethical products. And finally, those who are ordering during key events like Christmas or birthdays. Their goal is to offer an original present to their pairs.

However, for every type of customer, Kleps is maintaining the best relationship they can. When it comes to animal’s products, the customer relationship is key! “There is a lot of affect. Consequently, the customers need to discuss a lot, to be reassured. They need to be certain that they make the right choice.” – Therefore, on the website, they try to have the most detailed descriptions as possible. Besides, they are 100% available on Instagram, their customer relationship platform number 1. This is where they create conversations with their community to get feedback on the products and the brand experience. It helps to improve themselves. Kleps website is like an online concept store, where the proximity with the customers is king. 

A small start-up, big projects

After one pretty positive year, Blanche and Cyril are already thinking bigger for their business. Last year, Kleps experimented the physical world since they had the privilege to open their first pop-up store in the famous Haussmann Printemps, in Paris. During this time, the Kleps team was in direct contact with the customers. People tried, touched and had a lot of fun with the products.
After this very insightful experience, the team is now thinking of the next step of the project. Building a true place of destination, a cabinet of curiosities, an end goal of the afternoon stroll. 

“My goal is to open a shop as soon as possible, that means in the course of 2019!”– First in Paris of course! And, if they have the opportunity, maybe they would grow their own franchise concept all over France. 

I cannot wait to leave this experience IRL!


Update (16/04/2020)

Kleps actually open their first store in Paris two months ago , go check it out !

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