5 Porto’s concept stores you must visit

5 Porto's concept stores you must visit

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Back in January, we decided to visit Porto. With, honestly, no expectation since I was never been to Portugal I didn’t know anything about its culture.
One weekend was more than enough to discover this small city and come back home the head full of stories to tell.

Porto is simply remarkable and very romantic. We were very lucky to enjoy 15 degrees in January. The atmosphere is extremely relaxing, the place very quiet, and the people warm and talkative!

What I appreciate in this city, despite the history and the wonderful colorful tiles everywhere, is its landscape. In this place, there are not so many big brands, but small businesses with awesome stories to tell.

For these reasons, I decided to give you my top 5 Porto’s concept stores you must visit.

#1 – Claus Porto

Our Airbnb was located in the Rua das Flores, a very-historical center street full of charms and life. This is where I found the first store that grabbed my attention: the fantastic Claus Porto. Its showcase amazed me from the details and the efforts they put to tell an original story. Actually, Claus Porto is known for its most incredible and beautiful showcase installations.

Showcase Claus Porto, in Porto

Founded by two Germans, this beauty and fragrance house celebrated its 130th anniversary in 2017. Claus Porto is developing hand-crafted soaps infused with fine fragrances. The products are based on Portugal’s lush countryside ingredients. Today, they have two other stores, located in New York and in Lisboa, but the flagship is the one of Porto. This is where everything has started and where the factory actually is.

“After over more than 100 years, the brand has maintained its authenticity and has developed its incredible portfolio of hand-made colorful labels and patterns, each conveys in a unique personality.”

Claus Porto is not only a place to see, but it is also a place to experience. In fact, the brand is offering a series of monthly workshops. For example, at the “Mini Soap Factory” you can personalize your own version of their fabulous scented soaps. 

Claus Porto
R. das Flores 22

#2 – Suuuper

Not so far from Claus Porto, if you walk down the streets in the direction of the Douro river, you will meet Suuuper. This concept store invites you to an innovative experience. The place is a store, a gallery and workshop room. It combines local and international creatives, from, architects, designers, photographers or dancers.

Suuuper Concept Store Porto

The main philosophy is about bringing together creative local and international artists to exchange ideas and get to know the work of new designers and lesser-known artists. Therefore, Suuuper defines itself as “A meeting place of ideas, experiences, and projects that meet the contemporary lifestyle.” The products and brands are carefully curated by the founder, Diva Cruz, with a special intention to the local brands.

“The idea is for Suuuper to be an ageless space where everyone can explore new experiences through our workshops. A place where Portuguese and foreign artists, designers and producers can exhibit their works and sell the products. “

Today, the concept store gathers works from 15 artists. From Portuguese handmade ceramics (5€) and surprising postcards (2€) to paintings by artists (+200€), you will find everything you need to bring some Porto’s spirit to your own place.

Suuuuper is also hosting workshops from time to time, such as creative dance workshop for kids, wine tasting, contemporary dance for adults,…

Suuuper Concept Store
Rua de Sousa Viterbo, 73, Porto.

#3 Combi Coffee

Combi Coffee is an independent Coffee shop located in the center of Porto, Rua Morgado Mateus nº29. Since I live in Hamburg, where coffee quality is pretty important, breakfast without a tasty beverage is impossible. We decided to look for the best good-looking and fancy coffee shop, and we found this incredible coffee shop. 

Combi Coffee Porto ©Combi Porto

Stepping inside Combi Coffee is like feeling home. The staff is passionate and love to take the time to explain with details the origins of the coffee beans, and how they sourced their fair and sustainable coffee farms. They also explain all the roasting and brewing process, which they do inside the shop, under your eyes.


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“We roast and brew unforgettable coffee”.

The story of Combi Coffee started in 2014 in a Mercedes N1300. With their stylish truck, they offered tasty and homemade brewed coffee during events and sunny beautiful days. Step by step, they get bigger notoriety and opened their “roasters-garage” with a coffee room. Here, the visitors have the opportunity to see how the coffee is roasted. They can also learn how to taste and enjoy each note of a cup of coffee. people come to see how the coffee is roasted. But also to learn how to drink and enjoy each note of a cup of coffee.


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I also had a little crush on their cute and homemade Cold Brew Bottle!

Combi Coffee
Rua Morgado Mateus nº29, 4000-334 Porto, Portugal

#4 – Espaço Porto Cruz

We spent our whole afternoon inside this swank port-wine emporium. The house is a beautiful restored 18th-century building and is located in Gaia, on the other side of the river. The Espaço Portu Cruz dedicated its four floors to celebrate Portwine and its history. 

© Espaço Porto Cruz

In addition to a shop where tastings are held (by the glass starting at €3 or €9.50 for three ports), there’s a rooftop terrace with panoramic views of Porto. If you go there, try to stay until the sunset and enjoy an unforgettable view… From the terrace, you can also see the famous bridge Luiz I. It was made by an Eiffel’s student, with the same material as the Eiffel Tower.

On the 3rd-floor, De Castro Gaia restaurant is serving you the most delicious and typical recipes of Porto. The plates are extremely delicious and not expansive at all! We paid 42€ for a full menu for two, with a port wine glass offered as an appetizer.


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The 1st and 2nd floors are dedicated to a small, free, related exhibition about port wine. The highlight is the 360-degree wine journey – a virtual flight over Porto and the Douro.

Espaço Porto Cruz
Largo Miguel Bombarda 23, 4400-222 Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal

#5 – Toranja

Toranja means Grapefruit in Portuguese, and this name fits pretty much to the brand! In fact, entering the shop is just a fresh breath of colors, happiness, dynamism, and pop!

Taranjo Concept Store Porto

The story is quite small, but the experience is pretty nice and the products stir up curiosity. Based on illustrations and photographs of Portuguese artists, Toranja produces cushions, fabric bags, leggings, pictures, posters and vinyl for walls, furniture, and appliances, covers of mobile phones, …

All the products are created and manufactured in Portugal. The shop aims to promote the work of designers, illustrators, and photographers as real products.

R. das Flores 109, Porto, Portugal


In addition to these shops, I really encourage you to do the followings :

  • Climbing the Arràbida bridge. Porto is the only place in Europe where one can visit the arch of a bridge, experiencing both iconic and impressive building for its size and elegance; it is the only national monument of the twentieth century in Porto. Once we reached the top, there is a unique view of Porto, in a quiet and relaxing place. The guide offered us a shot of port wine in a chocolate cup. 


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  • Chill at the ocean. In January, the light was awesome, the waves were huge and the temperature was delicious. We stopped at the Esplanade Do Mohle to taste a local Vino Verde and to eat some codfish croquettes.


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