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Inspiration made from the Fashion Industrie

Sabine Brandt has a strong background in fashion. Indeed, before she opens Perle Store in 2015, she first started her professional path as a tailor and worked in the fashion design sector for a couple of years. Afterward, she decided to become self-employed to work in the fashion Industrie, the distribution, and in styling.

Sabine’s Fashion Design background brought her all the inspirations she needed in order to open her shop.

“In my store, I put all the things I like. Everything I am interested in.”

Sabine opened her first store in 2005, in Sternschanze, Hamburg, the quarter, which is known for its original stores, stores that you cannot find anywhere else in the city. This quarter also has a soul from Berlin, a soul that you cannot find anywhere else in the city either.
Our business owner worked in this area for almost 20 years. After this significant period, she realized there had been a lot of changes: the neighborhood became more and more touristic and the charming shops had disappeared. Therefore, Sabine decided to change the atmosphere and opened Perle Store in Großneumarkt, the center of the city.

Perle Store Concept Store in HamburgPerle Store Concept Store in Hamburg

When luck brings you success

Let me introduce you to Großneumarkt, it is merely a prominent place, with excellent restaurants, inside the center of the city and next to its most touristic places, but honestly, it is so quiet that you feel like you are in the countryside of Hamburg.
Sabine was very fortunate to find a spot available in this area. At first, she was located at the corner of her current street with a business partner. Just about ten days after she was installed, she figured it out that a more prominent spot was available. A place 50 meters away from where she was, that leads directly to Großneumarkt. 

Since she moved to another part of the city, our business owner had to restart all communication: big openings, newsletters, social media, network activation. Today, she is referenced in all of Hamburg’s lifestyle blogs, and she has a most robust relationship with her customers.

“I have a strong relationship with my customers. Often, the majority of my customers come to the shop, but also many tourists since we are in a touristic area, and old attractive spot, with many hotels and the Harbour nearby.”

Finding the rare pearl

So, why do customers love to come back to Perle Store? For the simple fact that Sabine selects pearls from foreign countries that nobody knows. Furthermore, she puts a lot of interest in the outstanding hand-made products that last a lifetime.

“It’s a mixture of well-known brands that are not really spread out over the city. I always want to offer new things to my clients.

Perle Store Concept Store in HamburgPerle Store Concept Store in Hamburg

If you are also interested in opening a successful store, Sabine’s main advice should be very helpful:

Stay by yourself. Indeed, focusing on yourself is the most important when you want to create a store. Even though you need to get inspiration from others, don’t look for so much, otherwise you will get confused about what you really want. Above all, your customers will like your shop because it is personal and it does not look like another place”.

Thus, Sabine applied this in Perle Store, and this is why you love her shop: because it’s fresh, personal, emotional and rare.

Home sweet home

Since Sabine proposes very rare and magnificent hand-made pieces, you must have the budget accordingly.
Among the fashion selection of our business owner, you will find beautiful brands such as A.P.C, Macon & Lesquoy, Maison Labiche, Maison Kitsuné, Sideline, Henrik Vibskov, Norse Projects, Commune de Paris.

When it comes to home and interior accessories, you will find original labels such as Ridley’s (Games), La Rochère (tableware), Daterra (organic stoneware and table linen), Geodesis (candles & perfumes). There are a lot of other nice things as well, just have a look at the online shop!

As a matter of fact, I could not go home without a souvenir from this fantastic boutique. I fell for the jacket below, made by Maison Kitsuné, which reminds me of my Parisian parties (just for 150€ thanks to special sales!).

Perle Store

Großneumarkt 22, 20459 Hamburg

Telefon +49 40 30997466

Mon. Closed
Tue – Fri 11.00 am – 7.00 pm
Sat. 11.00 am – 4.00 am

I am a French blogger who lives in Hamburg and works in Paris. Since I moved to Hamburg 2 years ago, I developed a passion for all kinds of Concept Stores. I just love to discover the story behind the atmosphere of such original places. Therefore, every week, I meet inspiring business owners to talk about their story, the story behind their shop and their business choices (partners, suppliers, communication & marketing, visual merchandising,...). The purpose of this blog is to help people, like me, who wants to create their own business in a few years. The goal is to get inspiration, creativity, and motivation thanks to testimonies of courageous entrepreneurs from cities across Europe.

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