5 Berliner Concept Stores you need to visit

Concept Stores in Berlin

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Berlin… You are so immense and different from what I know so far. I have been already there for a weekend, in February. At this time, all the canals were frozen and we were able to discover the city by walking and sliding along the rivers. Berliner Concept Stores.
I decided to came back last weekend because many friends told me that it is THE city of concept stores. And man, that’s right! I did not see that much popular brands, which is very great for a big city. What I saw was a very large, wide and quite empty city, with independent and smaller brands spread everywhere.

First, you need to know that, as a matter of fact, Berlin is the poorest region of Germany. In fact, the revival of Berlin, after the fall of the Berliner Wall, increased considerably its dept. On top of this, the industrialists left the city seeing no more opportunities for development after 1990.
Therefore, with this dept pressure and the fact that West-Berlin and East-Berlin have different approaches and needs, the city has still some trouble to build itself again and to find its own identity. Berliner Concept Stores.

Concept stores in Berlin

Nevertheless, the “identity trouble” made Berliners very creative, seeking a new way of representing Berlin and its lifestyle. This brought this famous concept stores, these techno underground scenes, these designer studios… Berlin is open to creativity, inspired by the diversity of the people who are living there.

You get it, this city is very different from what you imagine from a capital city. There are few people in the street (Berlin is 891.7 km2 big for 3,7 million inhabitants), there is a mixture of style even on a single building, there are huge parks and forests everywhere,… Life is just a bit slower, and it’s so enjoyable! With Berlin, it’s either you have a love crush on it or you would never imagine yourself living there.

So, I walked 25km these two days, to discover the city, but also to find out some concept stores. Actually, there is so much that you get a bit lost, my focus was on the ones that fit my personality and my tastes. I will definitely come back to go out of my “comfort zone” and discover more crazy ones. Berliner Concept Stores.

1.Kauf Dich GlücklichKauf Dich Glücklich Concept Store in Berlin: Fashion, Homeware, Decoration, Natural Cosmetics, Waffles & Coffee

This one is spread everywhere in the city. Kauf Dich Glücklich is one of the best examples of a success story in Germany. Since I love it so much, I wrote a detailed article about it here – Kauf Dich Glücklich: Stores that make you Smile. At first, I discovered this concept store in Hamburg. The first shop I knew was so specific and original that I thought it was the only one in my city. But actually, there is so many of these!

The brand was born in Berlin in 2003, as a Waffel-Café with vintage furniture. Today, Kauf Dich Glücklich has proven itself over the past 15 years as a concept store brand with fashion, jewelry, natural cosmetics, and home accessories spread everywhere in the country (Hamburg, Berlin, Hannover, Köln, Bremen, Frankfurt,…). 

The owners are inspired by the Scandinavian lifestyle. You will find an assortment of smaller labels, bigger fashion brands, and their own “Kauf Dich Glücklich” collection. Everything is well-highlighted thanks to a very great attention to detail. Clear structure, geometric shapes, and light, natural woods… All these elements determine the look and feel of the stores.

Some brand references: ANNA + NINA, Bling Berlin, Love Stories, Global Funk, Nowadays, Des Petits Hauts, Rains, Somsoe & Samsoe, Sandqvist, Sessun, Vila, Veja,… Check out their e-shop here: kaufdichgluecklich-shop.deBerlin er Concept Stores.

Rosenthaler Straße 17, 10119 Berlin
Mo – Sa, 11 – 20

Kastanienallee 54, 10119 Berlin
Café und Mode: Mo-Sa, 10 – 20
Café: Su, 10 – 21

Oderberger Straße 44, 10435 Berlin
Mo- Th, 10 – 21:30
Fr- Sa, 10 – 23:30
Su, 10 – 22:30

Gerichtstraße 23, 13347 Berlin
Th – Fr , 11 – 19
Sa, 11 – 20 Uhr

2. SUPER concept placeSUPER concept space in Berlin, a place where you can eat remixed Berliner Cuisine, Shop Berliner Labels and Meet with an amazing view on the Berliner Zoo.

Located in the Bikini Berlin, SUPER concept space opens its doors to the lovers of Good Designs, fashion and culinary. Or just to those who want to spend a relaxing day in a unique atmosphere. “Shop”, “Eat” and “Meet” are the three cornerstones of SUPER concept space.

In the “Shop” area, the portfolio of SUPER is highlighting a fine selection of limited edition products from the Berliner creative scene. The brand makes a point of honor to select products of high-quality, out of the ordinary and which are inventive. Here are some brand references: Hoptimist, Bloomingville, House Doctor, Tulpe, Gentle Gin, GoldJunge,…

In the “Eat” area, SUPER put creativity also in their dishes. The store serves the most popular dishes of the Berliner cuisine. However, their cuisine consists in breaking the classic recipes and revisiting them in their own way.

And finally, SUPER is a great place to meet. The store is a modern concept space on 600m2. Located on the roof terrace of the BIKINI Berlin, you enjoy to eat, to drink, to shop and to party here. In fact, the large and bright room is almost completely glazed, so you have in the lounge area and on the terrace a perfect view of the Berliner zoo and its monkey enclosure.

On the other side of SUPER, the restaurant area offers a contrast between the Big City Life, with a view on the skyscrapers of the Upper West, and the Waldorf Astoria and the Breischeidplatz. Berliner Concept Stores.


Budapester Straße 50
10787 Berlin
Bikini Berlin Garden, 2. OG
Mo-Fr, 12-23
Sa, 12-24
Su, 10-16

3. SCHEESCHEE concept store in Berlin: find beautiful prints and everything that makes your home beautiful

At the very beginning, SCHEE was specialized in prints. Everything started from the idea that it was difficult to find good prints with fast delivery times.
Therefore, the brand was at first an e-shop. Still today, you can order very nice prints with beautiful designs. SCHEE is designing its own motifs and producing fine art print.

SCHEE is one of these pure players that decided to settle IRL. After half a year in the online world, SCHEE opened its first shop in the middle of the Belgian Quarter in Cologne. Today, you can visit their concept stores in Berlin and Düsseldorf.
Presently, more than prints, SCHEE is sharing selling everything else that makes your interior beautiful: fine stationery products, glassware, textiles, and many others homewares. Of course, SCHEE is still highlighting its wonderful prints. The brand lists more than 200 magnificent designs by graphic artists and illustrators over the world.

Good to know: SCHEE is also offering the frames for most of the prints. In different sizes and colors, made of real wood and in Europe. Check their creations here: schee.net Berliner Concept Stores.

Maastrichter Straße 36
50672 Köln
Mo-Fr, 11–20
Sa, 10–20

Rosenthaler Straße 15
10119 Berlin
Mo-Fr, 11–20
Sa, 10–20

Berger Straße 18
40213 Düsseldorf
Mo-Fr, 11–20
Sa, 10–20

4. Soda Books

Soda Books concept store in Berlin, picture made by the magazine www.ignant.com

Picture made by the magazine www.ignant.com

“Curious Publications for Curious People”, here is the philosophy of Soda located in Berlin Mitte.
Soda is a popular bookstore born in Munich. It valorizes Magazines and Books with an important focus on graphical artworks and printed magazines. The shop offers a selection of publications you have probably no clue about, around design, art, culture, society, and everything in between.
The design of the store makes you think about a gallery. Indeed, the idea was to give space for each product so they can breathe and naturally attract the eye of the visitors.

The lifestyle online magazine “We Heart” describes Soda as:

A temple for creative minds seeking inspiration in fields of art; illustration; photography; architecture; all forms of design and culinary art. The lure of well-known indie titles can lead you into a thrilling journey through lesser-known publications — the thrill is in the hunt and soda. is the perfect hunting ground.”

Some references of publications: WASD, Tapas, Dummy, Collectif, Craftrad. Just have a look at their website here: sodabooks.com.

Weinbergsweg 1, 10119 Berlin
Mon-Fri 11-19h, Sat 12-19h

Berliner Concept Stores.

5. Das GoodhausDas Goodhaus concept store in Berlin: beautiful homewares for your home

Born in 2013, in Kastanienallee, in Berlin, Das Goodshaus has the ambition to make your life and living beautiful, exclusive and creative.
To do so, the brand is offering dreamlike deco, wonderful home accessories, handmade jewelry, vintage furniture, sustainable kitchen equipment, children’s fashion and magical paper goods.
Some of the brands that are exposed are exclusively in this shop, such as the wonderful wooden kitchen accessories by Chabatree. The range of accessories and gifts, hand-picked with love and passion, also includes brands such as Rifle Paper Co., Coral & Tusk, Marimekko, Klean Kanteen, HK Living, Serax and many more.

The brand is inspired by Scandinavian design, Parisian chic, boho, Japanese sophistication and by the life in the neighborhood of Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin, where sustainability is a top priority. Check their e-shop here: goodhaus.com. Berliner Concept Stores.

Göhrener Strasse 1
10437 Berlin
Tu-Sa, 10-18

Kastanienallee 101
10435 Berlin
Mo-Sa, 11-20

I am a French blogger who lives in Hamburg and works in Paris. Since I moved to Hamburg 2 years ago, I developed a passion for all kinds of Concept Stores. I just love to discover the story behind the atmosphere of such original places. Therefore, every week, I meet inspiring business owners to talk about their story, the story behind their shop and their business choices (partners, suppliers, communication & marketing, visual merchandising,...). The purpose of this blog is to help people, like me, who wants to create their own business in a few years. The goal is to get inspiration, creativity, and motivation thanks to testimonies of courageous entrepreneurs from cities across Europe.


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