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Bon Voyage Intérieur Mediterranean Inspiration

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L’élégance à la Française

Bon Voyage Intérieur is the perfect definition for this prestigious French lifestyle created by Janina Krinke, in Hamburg since 2017. How? Thanks to her selection of boho-chic pieces, the mixture of turquoise and golden colors as well as a couple of retro decorations.

Her strong background in Fashion Design inspired Janina to open Bon Voyage Intérieur. The experiences and knowledge she obtained from working in many different German magazines for Fashion Lifestyle and Living enabled to say today that she knows every single furniture brands and every Design Magazines in Europe. By the way, for those who are interested in Design, Furniture and Home Styling, she recommends subscribing to her three best reviews: the Spanish AD (Architectural Digest), and the Frenchies Côté Sud and Elle Decoration.

In the meantime, through her many travels in the south of France since her childhood, our business owner developed a real passion for the Mediterranean landscape: the islands, the sea, the colors. Besides, she is a big fan of the French culture, starting with movies such as “La Piscine” or “Les Petits Mouchoirs”, to the French music from Serge Gainsbourg, Brigitte Bardot, Dalida,… Furthermore, Janina is following her two favorite French designers: Sarah Lavoine (Designer and Interior Architect) and India Madhavi (Designer and Architect).

Since Janina built up a strong knowledge of Design, Home Styling, and the French heritage, she manages to create in Bon Voyage Intérieur an authentic atmosphere that you cannot find anywhere else in the city. When you step into her shop, it feels like a holiday hit; you feel this warm sunshine you definitely need in Hamburg.


Feel free like a bird

As soon as Janina left the editorial office of a German Lifestyle & Design magazine to open Bon Voyage Intérieur, she felt in complete agreement with herself.

“I can make all decisions by my own. There is definitely a lot more work than I have ever had before, but that does not bother me. Even if it is hard at times, it is about expressing my style and choosing my own brands. Nobody is going to tell me what to do anymore.
Figures have always scared me when I was younger. Nowadays, I am even enjoying dealing with it, because it is my own money, it’s fun. I think the mixture is quite cool. On the one hand, you have the big creative part, and on the other hand, you need to prepare your budget for the year and follow your figures. “

Our business owner appreciates the luck she has finding the perfect spot for Bon Voyage Intérieur. In fact, the very green and beautiful quarter of Eppendorf plays a big role in the atmosphere Janina wants to create. So, she did not want to be in the city center where you can find the same big brands everywhere.

Moreover, Janina explained that a cultured and wealthy population, people who understand design are living in Eppendorf. Therefore, Janina has loyal clients that always come to her shop even if they are only looking for a small gift or a small accessory. As a result, her clients trust her and don’t hesitate to spend their money on high-quality pieces.

A challenge seeker

Although, Janina has an irrefutable secret to strengthen her relationship with her clients. Indeed, since running a concept store is not enough for our hyperactive entrepreneur, she is also doing Home Styling.

“After visiting your home, I can advise you some decoration improvements, styling, and color concepts. As soon as we agree on the style we want to implement, I take care of the delivery of the items and their installation.
The Home Styling is essential for me because it is the activity that drives most of my benefices. On top of that, it is a good way to create a stronger relationship with my clients.
Because running two activities can be really tiresome sometimes, I can count on my mother and my former colleague of Flair Magazine, Danielle. She is also an interior Designer and she has her office in the store.”

As a good businesswoman, Janina does not hesitate to surround herself with experts who help her to manage subjects that she does not specifically masters. For instance, she assumes that she needs help when it comes to digital.

“Currently, I am spending a lot of time to develop my online shop. I know that it is essential for my brand since a lot of my customers who are living abroad asked me to develop my online shop. But it is so hard to reveal Bon Voyage Intérior‘s atmosphere on a website.
When you step into my store, you enter in a sensorial world where you can smell, touch and feel. Therefore, I am never satisfied with the way I convey the world of my store on my online shop.”

A mummy as a mentor

Behind every successful person, there is a source of energy. To some people, it can be a meeting, to others, it is a place. For Janina, it is her mother, mainly because her mother was the first reason why she opened her shop. As a child, Janina used to hang-out in her mother’s furniture shop. There, she found so much inspiration and was able to observe how her mother run her business on her own. But most important, she saw that running her own shop could provide such happiness to her independent mother.

Today, her mother is a pillar and does not hesitate to help Janina whenever needed. Janina enjoys these mother and daughter moments very much.  

“My mother comes and helps me whenever she has time. She is a professional decorator for last 25 years. Together we make the perfect team. For instance, last week we had a massive delivery from Honoré Decoration, a furniture company from Marseille. Bon Voyage Intérieur is quite small, thus, for two days, from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, we spent our whole weekend reorganizing the decoration of the shop just the two of us. She is always around during precious times.”

Souvenirs, souvenirs…

Meeting Janina and discovering Bon Voyage Intérieur was a truly inspiring moment. It is very comforting to see that women have incredible sources of creativity, power, and energy. Bon Voyage Intérieur is a success since Janina is working hard and she is following her inside voice. This female instinct that is so precious in woman’s nature.

Patience, observation and prepare oneself by focusing on what are the most important factors before taking any initiative. As a matter of fact, this is the key that droves her to success. 

“Before opening your business, you need to thoroughly prepare yourself. Thus, don’t go too fast, take your time to develop a solid concept and business plan that will seduce the investors because you will need to have a lot of money from the very beginning.
Most importantly, be aware of each specificity in terms of expenses and ROI. For example, in the furniture business, it could happen that you will need to pay nine months before receiving a hand-made piece from Tunisia. Each business has its particularities that you will need to be aware of and that you must never forget.
Finally, try to always find pieces that none of your competitors has, your concept store must be personal and unique.”

Janina’s words touched and inspired me. So, I decided to bring a souvenir from this South of France express-holiday: a piece from Maison Sarah Lavoine, one of Janina’s favorite Interior Designer. In that case, this ceramic glass is perfect to bring a touch of feminity in my very masculine bathroom.
If you liked the story behind Bon Voyage Intérieur, don’t hesitate to have a look at her Instagram account to discover the rest (furniture, decoration accessories, stationery & supplies, candles,…). 


Bon Voyage Interieur
Janina Krinke
Lehmweg 32
20251 Hamburg
0049 173 2828265 

Mo. 2:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Tu.– Fr.  11:00 am – 7:00 pm
Sa. 11:00 am –6:00 pm

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